Dry Goods

Novabox Standard

The Novabox Standard is a large, foldable container with drop down panels to assist operator internal reach. This stackable FLC is strong, versatile and hygienic and has a detachable lid with security features.


Strong, versatile and hygienic, the Novachute is ideal for safely transporting and dispensing dry goods such as caps, closures, preforms, dry food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. This FLC includes a frontal slide door opening that incorporates anti-tamper tag location to provide added product security.

Novabox Light

The Novabox Light, is a lightweight, very strong, large foldable container which is idea for distribution of automotive parts, express parcels and post. Compared to conventional FLC's, the weight saving directly impacts on transport fuel savings.


The innovative Novahopper is an FLC and hopper combination system and includes a funnel-shaped base leading to a modest opening for fast, controlled emptying. The stackable construction and unique lid arrangement permits multiple FLC dispensing, offering process efficiency improvements.