For large-throughput of fresh produce, our Retail Display Unit (RDU) is a foldable crate which is available with or without integral wheels. It has a load capacity of 250kg which makes it suitable for all types of medium-sized fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkins, marrows, and watermelons.

Smart Pallets

The Novabox smart pallets are available in a number of configurations from our 1,000kg load carrying 'TANK' design to Pallets with integrally moulded RFID technology for effective warehouse management. We also have Pallet designs with integral waterproof IoT modules incorporating a 4G sim for tracking in an external distribution system tracking. Our plastic pallets are strong, durable and 20% lighter than alternate designs, saving transport fuel costs.


Novabox offer a large choice of pallets for your retail needs including display pallets for 'point of sale' promotions, hygiene pallets for food/drinks industry use, and cross border pallets for global handling/transport of goods.


Our Reusable Plastic Crate (RPC) solution, is foldable and offered in four models to cater to the complex needs of a wide range of fruits and vegetables-whether for preservation, the cold-chain, sorting or transportation.


Our Novabox Baskets are the perfect solution to enhance your customers' shopping experience and boost your retail efficiency. They are available in a number of sizes and capacities and come with and without wheels.